Aycock Estate Sales is a full service asset liquidation firm located on North Padre Island, Texas.  They proudly serve Corpus Christi it's outlying areas such as Port Aransas, Rockport Portland, and Kingsville.  Aycock professionally and compassionately handles all aspects of asset liquidation due to life events and changes such as: moves, divorce, death, the sale of a home or the sale of a business.  "From Estate Sales to Business Liquidations they can do it all!" 


Andrea Blades, the owner of Aycock, prides herself on excellent customer service skills and strives to help her estate sellers receive top dollar for their items.  Andrea has a varied background in furniture and design, real estate, and healthcare which makes her well rounded and well educated when it comes to estate sales and asset liquidation.  Mrs. Blades has owned and operated Furniture and Design Showrooms in the San Francisco, Sacramento and Austin area which specialized in all aspects of home design and remodel.  She has extensive knowledge of indoor and outdoor furnishings, plumbing, lighting, flooring, windows, doors, cabinetry and antiques.  She has also held a Real Estate License, a Life and Health Insurance License, and a Nursing License in the State of Texas.  In addition, Mrs. Blades has been selling antiques and estate pieces on Ebay and other outlets for years and is well aware of the prices and value of estate pieces.  Andrea is proud of her business, her team and the services that she provides her clients.  

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